Juli 6, 2012
Theophiliu$ London - Rose I$land...

Thank God that I live in a time, where such piece of music are for free, awesome Mixtape…

01. Mother Tree

02. Lisa

03. Morning Kisses

04. Dancing (feat. Marvin Gaye)

05. Dance Hall Days (TL Cover)

06. Take It Off (TL and Blood Orange Cover)

07. Lighthouse (Jeffery Jerusalem Remix)

08. Big $pender (feat. A$AP Rocky)

09. She Said OK (feat. Big Boi)

10. I Wanna Kiss You (feat. Lunice)

11. Beamed Up (feat. Star City)

12. Crew York (feat. Lunice)

13. Tour De Roses Anthem (feat. Bryan Holder)

14. Loud

15. Love Is More Red (feat. $ade)

16. Glam Life 2.0 (Chauffeur)

17. Live In Me (Paris 98) (feat. Machine Drum)

18. Last Night (LVRS Anthem)